Ducks In A Row

Ducks in a Row is a gathering for Hebraic-based learning, equipping, discussion and impartation.  We seek to develop an Hebraic mindset as opposed to a Greek understanding and interpretation of Scripture through word, verse and subject studies.

The intent of “Ducks in a Row” is to equip people to move forward in this new season with an Issachar anointing of wisdom, revelation and insight, understanding the times and seasons of God and, most importantly, knowing what to do. (2 Chronicles 12:32)

The concept is drawn from discussions in the book by Athol Dickson entitled “The Gospel According to Moses:  What my Jewish Friends Taught Me about Jesus”.  As a Christian, for five years Athol attended Chever Torah, a Jewish Bible Study group.  It forever changed his life as a Christian.  There were questions, discussions, penetrating comments, challenges, and candid remarks.  Athol comments: “These (people) were determined miners of truth, sifting through a rich stream of biblical material with questions unbounded by fear of heresy and unlimited by preconceived notions.

Subjects include:

  • Hebraic vs. Greek mindsets
  • Biblical Interpretation with Hebraic Thinking
  • Understanding Christianity’s Jewish Roots
  • God’s Appointed Times, Cycles of Blessings
  • Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles
  • Issues relating to Law and Grace
  • Biblical Justice
  • The Word, Torah and Jesus/Yeshua
  • Months and Tribes
  • Understanding our Opponent – the Anti-Christ system
  • New Weapons for New Wars
  • God’s Unfolding Battle Plan
  • Future War of the Church
  • Understanding Debt Structures, Defeating Mammon and Breaking a Spirit of Poverty
  • The Issachar Anointing
  • Understanding the Months Prophetically
  • The Power of Firstfruits
  • And many scriptures with understanding from an Hebraic perspective, given the culture, mindsets, behaviours and understandings of the people to whom the Scriptures were directed.

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