Houses of Zion

House Churches are a way of living the Christian life communally in ordinary homes through supernatural power.

Houses of Zion are gatherings in homes to pray, worship, fellowship, study, share and bring the authority of Heaven to Earth in a natural, home environment.  It is a House Church movement, apostolically and prophetically aligned with the ministry of Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion. In addition we have a developing apostolic/prophetic leadership in New Zealand to to provide support to the leaders of Houses of Zion.

The Church has come home. We meet to eat. We meet to teach. We meet to pray. We meet to share material and spiritual blessings. We meet to reach out to our communities. Our total life is our sacrifice of worship to our Father, in all we do, we worship Him.

We have stopped doing church, to BECOME the church because Christianity is a way of life not a series of religious meetings. Sometimes the church has to become small to in order to grow large, multiplying sideways in all directions rather than upwards. As we have made a shift from organised to organic forms of Christianity we have seen a minimum of organisation allows a maximum of organism. Our networks are based on relationship and trust.

As we grow we come together for celebration and activating the business of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If you wish to know more or would like to join the movement, we would love to hear from you.

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