Monthly Blessing

The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for us to claim and walk in. Each month of the year has a unique prophetic significance and a unique blessing attached to it.




On September 21st we moved into the month of Tishrei, beginning a new month and a new Hebraic year, 5778. With respect to Hebraic years, it is the first month of the year but with respect to months, Tishrei is the seventh month. A month of completion and perfection, creating the most “satisfied” or “full month”.

As the 7th month, it is a very special month, dear to the Lord. Tishrei is the month of Head of the Year where the Head of Revelation gets released for the coming season. Not only is it the Head of the Year, Tishri is also the high point in the Lord’s cycle of feasts.

Passover is a time of redemption and cleansing. We celebrate the power of our blood covering. Our impurity is removed, we are delivered from the bondage and power of the enemy and ready to move towards Pentecost.

Pentecost reminds us of Mt. Sinai and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit in the Upper Room. It is a celebration of provision, the giving of Torah at Mt. Sinai and the outpouring of power and fire from on high.

Tabernacles is the celebration of the glory of God, his protection and covering in our wilderness times, Jesus coming to tabernacle with us, making His home with us. It’s about us dwelling in His presence and the harvest of nations to come.

The month of Tishrei is the month of the tribe of Ephraim, the second son of Joseph. Ephraim means “fruitful”. When Jacob came to bless the two sons of Joseph he crossed his arms and blessed Ephraim before Manasseh, giving him the blessing of the first born son. Manasseh means “God has caused me to forget”. Very often, the Lord would have us to be fruitful in the face of circumstances that may overwhelm us and as we do, he causes the pain of our past seasons to be forgotten. This month, be fruitful and multiply, enter into the blessings of Tishrei. Come alive and wake up with the sound of the shofar.  Rejoice in Him, let God lead you into His presence in a new way. Rejoice and He will cause you to “forget” the pain of your year of warfare and bring you into the blessing of His fruitfulness, multiplication and presence.


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