God works in times and seasons

He tells us there is an appointed time for every purpose under heaven (Ecc 3:1-8) and understanding these times and seasons is key for us to walk in victory.

The Lord has a detailed plan for our lives which includes key appointment times in which He desires to accomplish certain things in and for us. He has many different kinds of “appointed times”, some are “one-time events” other appointed times are repeated so regularly they form a Calendar. In the Bible God gives us a specific calendar of these special events.

Most Christians are totally ignorant of God’s appointed times which are also called FEASTS. They are not just holidays or rituals, nor are they legalistic exercises. They are times set by God for us to come into His presence and allow Him to accomplish certain things in our lives.

There are three kinds of special times, or cycles, in God’s calendar:

  • Weekly appointments, the cycle of Shabbat, given as a gift from God. Every 7th day spend special time with the Lord.
  • Monthly appointments, Rosh Chodesh, Head of the Month. At the start of every Hebraic month, meet with Him in a new way. These times release favour and give prophetic direction. They keep us in an Issachar anointing (understanding the times and knowing what to do) as we come together to give to the Lord and hear what He is saying. Every month has a prophetic significance and when understood in the light of Biblical revelation provide direction for us moving forward.
  • Yearly appointments, which are designed to draw us continuously closer to Him. Passover, Pentecost and Feast of Tabernacles
    • Passover is a celebration of God’s redemption and cleansing.
    • Pentecost is a celebration of God’s power, Word and provision
    • Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration of the Glory of God coming to dwell in the midst of His people.

These appointed times with God are not to be legalistic burdens but designed to be a blessing in our lives as we put Him first, hear from Him and worship Him with all we have.

Every time we go through these cycles we are moved in the right direction, enemy oppression’s are broken off and we are enabled to move forward with strength and power.

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